How To Spot A Bed Bug Problem In Your Baltimore Home

April 1, 2021

Bed bugs are no fun to deal with. They are one of the most challenging pests to get rid of once they have infested your home because they are masters at hiding, and adults can live for up to a year without taking a blood meal. Bed bugs are known for their bites and wreak havoc on households and even public spaces. No doubt, they are a bit frightening.

These pests can happen to anyone. Bed bugs don't just infest dirty homes; this is a common misconception. Even the cleanest of house is susceptible to these bugs, making them that much scarier.

bedbug crawling on fabric

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Another common misconception about bed bugs is they are too small to see. Bed bugs are small, about the size of an apple seed. They are flat and brownish but will appear engorged and reddish after taking a blood meal. 

Because bed bugs are good at hiding, it might be hard to identify them. They are frequently misidentified for carpet beetles, swallow bugs, fleas, ticks, and cockroach nymphs. You might have better luck identifying them from other signs rather than appearance.

What Are Signs Of Bed Bugs?

Often the first signs of a bed bug infestation are bites. To identify bed bug bites, look for:

  • Small red bumps

  • Multiple bumps in one area

  • Common places are ankles, arms, and the neck.

  • Bloodstains on bedding.

  • Rusty color stains on bedding; this is bed bug excrement.

Bed bugs are nocturnal and will feed at night when people are sleeping. Their bites are painless, so you might not notice them for some time. 

Where Are Bed Bugs Found?

Although bed bugs often hide in mattresses, bed frames, and headboards because they feed on people at night, you'll find them in several other places around your house when you have an active infestation.

  • In the seams of upholstered furniture

  • In cracks and crevices of furniture 

  • In the seams of curtains and clothing

  • In appliances

  • Behind walls, wallpaper, and baseboards

Often, they get into a residence after being picked up in a public place such as:

  • Movie theaters

  • Hotels and motels

  • Carpeted floors in restaurants

  • Used item stores

In order to avoid accidentally bringing bed bugs into your home, you should always keep bags and jackets off floors, inspect hotel or motel rooms before putting your belongings down, especially check luggage racks, and inspect any used items you plan on bringing into your house. Bed bugs can also move between apartment units, so even if you do everything right, there is still the possibility of getting an infestation. 

If you do get a bed bug infestation, you shouldn't try to take care of it yourself. Bed bugs are challenging to get rid of. A professionally created and implemented plan is necessary to remove all bed bugs from your DMV area home or business

Who To Call For Professional Bed Bug Assistance? 

If you do spot signs of bed bugs in your Baltimore, Maryland home, you should seek help from the professionals at Destroy Pest Control. Please don't wait to get help; bed bug infestations will only worsen with time, causing you stress and sleepless night and making it more difficult to eradicate them. Even if you are unsure if you have bed bugs but suspect them, you should still contact us. It is better to be safe than sorry.

At Destroy Pest Control, we understand that bed bugs need specialized treatments to ensure they are gone for good. You can rely on us for quality pest management solutions. Contact us today to get started.

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