Baltimore Property Owners' Complete Tick Control Guide

August 13, 2021

While ticks may be one pest that’s hard for Baltimore residents to spot, the damage they cause isn’t quite so hard to see. Ticks that are common to Baltimore, Maryland, include the wood tick, the deer tick, the lone star tick, and the brown dog tick.

deer tick on skin

These pests latch onto your skin, and they have the potential to spread diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, tularemia, and the Heartland virus. Here’s what you need to know about how ticks spread these diseases, how you can deter them, and what to do if you’re already dealing with a tick infestation on your property.

Where Do Ticks Like To Hang Out On Your Baltimore Property?

Ticks like to spend a lot of time hiding, and you can usually find them in tall grass, bushes, or even fences. They like shady, moist spots in your yard, and even if you don’t have tall grass or bushes, they may hide in yard debris or large branches as well.

While they lie in wait, ticks are capable of detecting human and animal body odor, breathing, vibrations, or even body heat. Unlike fleas, ticks aren’t able to fly or jump, so they wait for a host in a position known as “questing.”

“Questing” ticks hold onto grass or shrubbery with their third and fourth pairs of legs while keeping their first pair of legs extended. When a host, human or animal, brushes by the tick’s hiding spot, these pests use their extended first legs to climb aboard their new ride.

Once they’ve climbed onto their host, some ticks may attach immediately while others are selective about the area they bite, and wander around looking for areas where the skin is thinner.

How To Deter Ticks On Your Baltimore Property

As selective as they are about their hiding spots, there are a few steps you can take to deter ticks from hanging out on your property, such as:

  • Mow your lawn frequently, and don’t allow the grass to grow too tall.
  • Keep bushes and shrubbery neatly trimmed and take care of leaf litter in your yard.
  • Make sure you’re storing firewood in a dry area and that you’ve stacked it neatly, as this will discourage other rodents that ticks may try to use as a host.
  • Keep playground equipment, toys, and patio furniture in dry, sunny areas of the yard rather than near trees or the edge of the yard.
  • Don’t encourage other wildlife, like deer, raccoons, and stray dogs, to spend time on your property or near your home. Ticks may use wildlife as temporary hosts until they can attach to you or your pets.
  • Get rid of old furniture and equipment in your yard as this can provide another hiding spot for ticks.

The Most Effective Way To Stop Ticks In Baltimore In Their Track

Running into the occasional tick may be normal for a lot of Baltimore residents, but if you or your pets are consistently getting bitten by ticks, you could have an infestation on your property. The steps above may help prevent future ticks from spending a lot of time in your yard, but for an active infestation, your most effective option is to contact a professional pest control company like Destroy Pest Control.

Not only can our experienced technicians identify tick hiding spots and root them out, but we’re dedicated to making sure they don’t make a reappearance. Contact us today at Destroy Pest Control if you suspect that you’ve got a tick problem on your Baltimore property.

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