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What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that require regular blood meals in order to reproduce. These pests are returning to the spotlight after decades of relative inactivity, quickly spreading across the northeastern states of the U.S. Bed bugs have flat, oval-shaped bodies that usually appear brown or rusty red. All bed bugs have six legs and are about a quarter of an inch long. A good rule of thumb is that they resemble an apple seed in size, shape, and color.

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Are bed bugs dangerous?

Despite their small size, bed bugs can be very dangerous inhabitants of homes or commercial properties. While scientists have not yet determined if they can spread illness or disease, they do know that the implications of their presence can be dire.

  • Long-term bed bug exposure can lead to anemia in certain victims. 

  • Bed bug bites are hard, raised, and very itchy. Prolonged scratching may lead to secondary infections. 

  • Commercial bed bug infestations can lead to failed health inspections, dissatisfied customers, and even lawsuits.

Why do I have a bed bug problem?

You may have developed a localized bed bug infestation from recent travels or vacations. Staying in a bed bug-infested area for a long period could result in 'hitchhiking' behavior, where the pests latch on to luggage, bags, or clothing for a quick ride. 

Unlike what many 'old wives tales' have to say, bed bugs do not specifically target dirty or unkempt homes. These insects are attracted to almost any and every residence possible, provided they have access to food and a temperature-regulated environment.

Where will I find bed bugs?

Bed bugs are almost exclusively linked to human activity and rarely found in the wild. Instead, you'll find these pests traveling back and forth between people, homes, and bedding supplies. By 'hitchhiking' from one hot spot to another, these creatures find fresh hosts regularly. 

Hotspots for bed bugs include places where humans gather together in large numbers, usually while traveling. These places include hotels, airport terminals, bus stations, and other large transportation hubs. If you find signs of bed bug activity in your overnight lodging, leave immediately and alert management.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

The best way to exterminate a bed bug infestation in the DMV area, is to turn to professional treatment programs from Destroy Pest Control. Our team understands the stress and embarrassment that can accompany bed bug infestations and has helped DMV area property owners get and stay pest-free with impeccable discretion. 

We make your bed bug nightmares disappear by: 

  • Uncovering the root of the problem by properly identifying bed bug vectors. 

  • Swiftly addressing the infestation by applying safe products around the home. 

  • Returning to wrap up the treatment and ensure complete bed bug elimination. 

Schedule a bed bug inspection with Destroy Pest Control now.

How can I prevent bed bugs in the future?

The best way to ensure bed bugs never come back to your house is to implement strong prevention techniques. Follow the tips below to protect your home and property from the future effects of bed bug activity: 

  • Wash all clothing and laundry on the highest heat setting after returning from a trip.

  • You should wash every item of clothing, regardless of its 'dirty' status. 

  • Store bags, luggage, and other personal items on high shelves while traveling. Do not place backpacks directly on the floors of buses, airplanes, or other forms of public transport. 

  • Be cautious of purchasing second-hand appliances and furniture.

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